Obituary: Jan Ruff O’Herne died on 奥古斯特19th讣告:扬·鲁夫·奥赫恩逝世于12月二三日The war-rape victim of the Imperial
Japanese Army was 96那位东瀛帝国武装的战斗性侵受害人享年玖拾柒岁All sorts of
objects lay in Jan Ruff O’Herne’s dressing table drawer. A necklace of
dark amber beads. Silver work from Java where she had been brought up,
the daughter of Dutch
unease when night fell, and she had to draw the living-room curtains.
Her terror of going to doctors, even when she was quite ill. And,
perhaps hardest to explain, her dislike of flowers. On her birthday she
would beg friends and family not to give her any. They were such a waste
of money, so soon
this was not the reason. Flowers reminded her of the day in 1942, in
arambling house in Semarang, when she and six other Dutch-Indonesian
girls realised that the place they had been abducted to was a Japanese
Japanese had invaded Indonesia two years before, driving all the Dutch
settlers into labour camps where they were kept insqualor, close to
starvation. But this degradation was new. She and her companions, all
virgins, so innocent, had been plucked from their camp to service queues
of impatient army
aid selection in the brothel, the names of flowers were pinned to their
bedroom doors. She was also given a vase of white orchids which, in fear
and disgust, she threw away. 伊夫r after, she hated to be given
night fell, the first officer came to her room. He was bald, fat and
repulsively ugly. When she wept, screamed and kicked him, crying
“Don’t!” in all the languages she knew, he simply
heunsheathedhis sword. As she huddled and prayed, expecting to be killed
at any moment, he let the sword-tip wander over her body, up and down,
up and down, before ripping off what was left of her clothes and raping
never imagined suffering like this. It seemed he would never stop. But
physical hurt was only part of it. Far worse was the shame. She could
not have helped it, he was too heavy. But her pure young body, the body
she had been planning todedicateto Christ as a Catholic nun, had been
dignity and self-esteem were lost. In the bathroom afterwards, with the
other sobbing and destroyed girls, she tried to wash off the soiling,
but it stayed. Desperate, the girls tried to hide in the garden, but
they were dragged out to be raped by more
might have been ten times that night, and the next night, for three
months. The brothel doctor raped them, too. 伊芙r after, she feared both
doctors and the
in 一九九二, when she was almost 70, God suddenly set her life-task before
her. Three elderly Korean war-rape victims spoke out on television and
inspired her to do the same. If she backed them up, adding her European
voice to theirs, they might together get Japan’s
only hard part of her decision was that she had to tell her daughters
the secret first. She could not do so face to face. Instead she wrote
two copies of what she called “Cry of the Raped”, stuffed them into
envelopes and left them to be read. But the deed was
could let her awful secret out to the world now, not as a “comfort
woman”—how she hated that insulting, cuddly name—not as an angry victim
seeking revenge, but as a calmly spoken witness who wanted Japan to
admit what its soldiers had done to perhaps 200,000 women like


Five men accused of gang-raping an 18-year-old woman in Spain have been
convicted of sexual abuse but acquitted of the more serious crime of
rape, in a case that sparked a national outcry.

Page 1Introduction of the Japanese soldier, who sleeps under the sun.
The big battle of how tanks and planes are destroying the gate of

All five have been sentenced to nine years in jail. They filmed their
attack during Pamplona’s San Fermín bull-running festival in July 2016.

Page 5How an army of soldiers tries to prevent another army of soldiers
from leaving the city.

The group and their victim can appeal.

Page 7Japanese army celebrates the occupy of Nanking. And how the
Nanking civilians are fleeing the city.

Dozens of protesters outside the court criticised the verdict, shouting:
“It’s rape, not abuse.”

Page 11A group of Japanese soldiers meet the German and his secretary.
The Japanese ignores the German’s declaration of the safety zone. They
find a church full of Chinese civilians who surrenders peacefully
although they are far outnumber the Japanese soldiers. (PHYSICAL

Several demonstrations have been called against the verdict and in
support of the victim.

Page 15The Japanese soldiers take control of the church. The soldier
shoots the door and mistakenly kills a bunch of Chinese civilians, which
leaves him stunned and regret. (EMOTIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR THE JAPANESE

The five, in their late 20s and originally from Seville, and the victim,
from Madrid, were not present when the judgement was read out after a
five-month trial, which was held behind closed doors to protect the
woman’s identity.

Page 16The secretary goes home to his wife and daughter.

Under Spanish law, the charge of sexual abuse differs from rape in that
it does not involve violence or intimidation.

Page 17The Japanese soldiers take down the statue in the city. But soon
they are ambushed by a bunch of Chinese soldiers, including a hero and a

The men, who have been in custody since 2016, have also been ordered to
pay the woman €50,000 ($61,000; £43,500) in compensation.

Page 24The hero declares to his fellows that they should fall back and
give up. But nobody is willing to go. Instead, they continue the
preparation for battle.

What is the case?

Page 27Direct confrontation.

Videos of the late-night encounter between the men and the young woman
showed how the five men had wandered the streets among other drunken
revellers before two of them led her into the basement block of flats by
the hand.

Page 29Aftermath of the battle. The soldiers are captured. Girls are
being captured, soldiers are being executed, bodies and heads
everywhere. Which gives the Japanese soldier great traumatic emotional

According to a police report, the men – who belonged to a WhatsApp group
called “La manada” (wolf pack) – surrounded the woman in a small alcove,
removed her clothes and had unprotected sex.

Page 32The hero is being taken to the POW camp, sitting with all the
rest of the soldiers. The hero is at least glad that he is sitting with
the kid.

Some of them filmed the sexual act on their phones – there were seven
videos, totalling 96 seconds. One of the men posted messages in a
WhatsApp group celebrating what they had done and promising to share the

Page 34The Japanese soldiers are preparing to torch the place, rushing
the Chinese to the sea, locking the Chinese in the room, burying the
Chinese in the sand.

According to the police report, the victim maintained a “passive or
neutral” attitude throughout the scene, keeping her eyes closed at all
times. Her phone was then stolen.

Page 39The rest of the Chinese soldiers are stunned by the massive
execution and unwilling to stand up to face it. The kid and the hero
share a secret bitter smile. And the hero stands up to encourage the
rest of the men to face death.

She was found in a reportedly distraught state by a couple in the street
outside the scene of the attack. She told the trial she was still having
psychological treatment to deal with trauma.

Page 43The kid bites the ropes off the hero so that the hero can use his
hand to cover the kid’s eyes. The hero faces death in the most
exhilarating way as the rest of the crowd yell “Long Live China! China
is not going to die!”

Some of the men were found to be in a video in which they apparently
abuse another woman, who seemed to be unconscious.

Page 45The people in the safe zone are stunned at what they hear. And
from the point of view of a Japanese soldier, we can see the countless
people massacred.

Spain’s #MeToo moment

Page 46People are all trying to get into the safety zone, massive chaos.
While we can see that the kid actually survived the massacre.

By James Badcock, Madrid

Page 49The harmonic gathering of the Japanese soldiers. They are all
very normal and friendly among each other. The superior officer of the
Japanese soldier talks about how the promotion of the soldier will make
his mother happy.

The “wolf pack'”case has been Spain’s #MeToo over the past two years,
with thousands of supporters of the victim uniting under the slogan “Te
creemos” (We believe you).

Page 51The Japanese soldier goes to visit a comfort woman. It was the
first time that the Japanese soldier had intercourse. He connects with
the comfort woman and it was very moving. The soldier has reserved a
very special place in his heart for the woman and she is his wife in his

The shocking nature of the group abuse, the youth of the victim and the
obnoxious celebratory messages about their “conquest” on their WhatsApp
chat combined to make the case fertile fodder for black-and-white public

Page 54The secretary tries to teach everybody Japanese when playing
Mahjong until the gunshot.

That the two majority verdict judges have chosen to see shades of grey
by not interpreting the criminals’ acts as violent or intimidatory will
fuel indignant criticism from feminist groups.

Page 55The German foreigner intervenes the progress of raping. And
because of the incident, the secretary cuts the hair of his wife and
sister. In fact, all the women in the safe zone are forced to cut hair
and wear men’s clothes. Conflict ensues when the prostitute refuses to

The likelihood that the victim and other parties will appeal means the
debate will continue.

Page 60 The Japanese soldiers first lure the foreigners out of the safe
zone so that they can rape all the girls. They were successful and some
of the girls commit suicide. Even the prostitute was not able to cope

Who are the men?

Page 63 The Japanese soldier goes to see the comfort woman again. She is
obviously not well, but she is beyond moved when she sees all the gifts
from the soldier. But their connection has lost because of her traumatic

■  José Ángel Prenda, 28: considered the leader of the five, wrote a
message in the WhatsApp group about the video showing them having sex
with the woman. He had been sentenced to two years in prison in 2011 for
theft with force

Page 66 The secretary is forced to buy cigarettes from the Japanese
soldiers. Also the German foreigner tells him that he has to return to
German. It’s a death sentence for him and his family. (COMPLICATION HAS

■  Antonio Manuel Guerrero: a Civil Guard police officer, born in 1989,
is thought to have recorded six videos. He also admitted to stealing the
victim’s phone

Page 69The secretary has no choice but to ask help from the Japanese.

■  Ángel Boza, 26: his criminal records include theft with force and
driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Page 72The secretary’s sister teaches the kids sing the traditional
songs, enjoying a peaceful moment. But it is spotted by the Japanese

■  Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo, 29: a military officer, is thought to have
recorded one video

Page 73The secretary signs a contract with the Japanese by telling them
that there are still Chinese soldiers in the safe zone.

■  Jesús Escudero, 27: a hairdresser

Page 74Raid of the Japanese soldiers of the safe zone, killing all the
Chinese soldiers. During which time, there is a private encounter
between the female leader and the Japanese soldier. She gives him a
Christian necklace.

Page 77When the Japanese soldiers try to take some Chinese women, the
secretary’s daughter is thrown off the building.

Page 79The Japanese soldier forces the German foreigner to hand in some
Chinese women, or they will use force.

Page 81The German foreigner has no choice but to ask 100 volunteers to
become the comfort women.

Page 86At the comfort center, the Japanese solider sees the Chinese
prostitute, who he mistaken as his Japanese wife.

Page 90When the Japanese soldier is singing, he sees the body of the

Page 91The secretary’s sister is executed when she is singing madly. It
is the humane thing to do.

Page 93The few women survived are released back to the safe zone.

Page 95The German foreigner leaves the safe zone, leaving the Chinese

Page 97The secretary and his wife leave with the German foreigner. But
in the last minute, he sacrifices himself to exchange for another aid.

Page 103Execution of the secretary.

Page 107The registration of the civilians. The formal soldier and the
kid almost get it until he is taken away. Because of the plea from the
foreigner, every woman can go to get a man.

Page 114The female leader is found to have taken multiple men and is
arrested. The Japanese soldier kills her at her request.

Page 116The Japanese solider goes to see the Japanese prostitute, but
she has been killed.

Page 120The celebration of the conquer of Nanking, where the Japanese
soldier is tormented by his soul.

Page 124The Japanese soldier releases the prisoners and kills himself

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